• Session1-1
    ICAO’s Legal Committee and 75 Years of the Codification and Development of International Air Law
    Michael Gill
  • Session1-2
    Outcomes of the 38th Session of the Legal Committee and Preparing for the 41st ICAO Assembly
    Andrew Opolot
  • Session1-3
    Overview and Status of the Ratification of Key Air Law Treaties
    Mathieu Vaugeois
  • Session2-1
    Has COVID-19 Finally Unmasked the Problem of Unruly and Disruptive
    Passengers and Where Do We Go from Here?
    Tim Colehan
  • Session2-2
    The Issue of Unruly and Disruptive Passengers and Application of Public Health Measures under the Montreal Protocol of 2014 Amending the Tokyo Convention
    Siew Huay Tan
  • Session2-4
    Nature of the Threat and Treaty Tools for Dealing with Cyber Attacks against Civil Aviation
    Andrew Opolot
  • Session2-5
    Legal Implications of Safety & Security
    Gilberto Lopez Meyer
  • Session3-1
    Aviation Recovery: Overcoming Challenges Towards a Sustainable Future
    Philip Goh
  • Session3-2
    Improving Transparency in the Post-Pandemic Airline Industry
    Jae Woon LEE
  • Session3-3
    Aircraft Movement, Quarantine, and Public Health after the COVID19 Pandemic
    Hyuk Min LEE
  • Session4-1
    The Market Mechanism of International Greenhouse Gas Reduction and CORSIA under the Article 6 of the Paris Agreement
    Jong Ik YOO
  • Session4-2
    The Issues and Strategies on the Carbon Neutral Growth in the International Aviation Sector in Korea
    Jin Seo PARK
  • Session4-3
    Incheon International Airport's Green New Deal Strategy in response to Climate Change
    Kyoo Hyuk JO
  • Session4-4
    Aviation Emissions Reduced through CORSIA
    Guido Harling
  • Session5-1
    Legal Aspects of Pilotless Aircraft
    Christopher Petras
  • Session5-2
    Korea's UAM and Drone Trends
    Byeong Ho GONG
  • Session5-5
    Dispute Settlement Mechanisms at ICAO
    Mathieu Vaugeois
  • Session5-6
    Dispute Settlement Mechanisms at ICAO
    Young Joo CHO