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[Notice] Updated Quarantine Measures for Overseas Entrants (April 1~)
2022-03-24 19:23

 Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Korean government is currently implementing quarantine measures for overseas entrants to follow.


1) From April 1, those who are fully vaccinated* can enter Korea without quarantine by submitting their vaccination record and PCR test information in advance via Q-CODE*.

  - Criteria of full vaccination in Korea:
  : Within 14~180 days after completion of the 2nd dose of WHO-approved vaccination (1st dose if J&J/Janssen) OR
  : Completion of 3rd dose OR
  : Record of release from quarantine after having taken the 2nd dose and were diagnosed of COVID-19.


  - The Q-CODE is a system that allows you to submit your vaccination history and PCR test result online and attach a related certificate*
    Those who have been vaccinated abroad can 'directly input' vaccination information from 1st April and can submit PCR test and
    health status information two days before the scheduled departure date.


 1. Certificate of Vaccination that contains the following information (pdf. jpg. gif / English or Korean version):
  1) Name, 2) Date of Birth, 3) Type of Vaccine, 4) Date of Vaccination, 5) Name of Vaccination Institution,
  6) the seal of the Vaccination Institution or the Relevant National Health Authority


  2. A PCR Negative Test Result issued within 48 hours of entry (pdf, jpg, gif / English or Korean version):
   1) Name, 2) Date of Birth, 3) Method of Testing, 4) Date of PCR Test, 5) Result, 6) Date of Issuance, 7) Testing Institution


  ※Quarantine officers may ask you for the above documents, so please allow yourself to carry some copies of them when visiting Korea
  [Attachment 1: Pre-Departure Negative COVID-19 Test Result Requirement for International Arrival]

 ※Guideline for Q-CODE (Quarantine Information Pre-entry System):
  [Attachment 2: Q-CODE Introduction]


2) Overseas entrants should take three PCR tests in total: ①prior to entry (within 48 hours of entry), ②date of arrival, and ③before departing Korea for returning to home country (if needed) / day 6-7 in Korea.

 - On the date of arrival: Take PCR test -> Move to your accommodation -> Recommend minimizing outside contact while waiting for the PCR result.


If you would like to get more detailed information for quarantine, please refer to the below links.

[Korea’s quarantine-related information]
- COVID-19, Republic of Korea:
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
- Korea /disease Control and Prevention Agency:


The quarantine measures in Korea are changing frequently.

Therefore, the information that we are sending out is only for reference, and for more detailed information,
please make an inquiry to the consulate/embassy of the Republic of Korea in your country.


Also, the issuance of visa for entry is irrelevant to the exemption of quarantine, so you have to prepare separately for the visa.

It is the participant's responsibility to prepare necessary documents and complete procedures required for entry into Korea and meet the quarantine guidelines.

As entry methods and conditions for each country are different, be sure to inquire at the Korean embassy in your country for the exact method of entry into the Republic of Korea.

If you would like to get more detailed information for visa issuance, please refer to the below links.

[Visa-related information]
- K-ETA:


Download  Board_[Attachment 1] Pre-Departure Negative COVID-19 Test Result Requirement for International Arrival[2].pdf
Download  Board_[Attachment 2] Q-CODE Introduction.pdf