Welcome Message 한국어
We are delighted with this opportunity to invite you to the 2022 ICAO Legal Seminar jointly held by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport (MOLIT) of the Republic of Korea over the period of April 12 (Tuesday) - 14 (Thursday), 2022.

ICAO Legal Seminar has been held in the Republic of Korea at every 3-year interval since 2006 to enhance cooperation and share an extensive range of information among the member countries of ICAO. The forthcoming 2022 ICAO Legal Seminar will be held in a hybrid format of concurrently holding on and offline seminars in order to ensure that as many people can participate as possible for the further advancement of the aviation industry in Korea and overseas without discontinuation in spite of the continuing difficulties arising from the global COVID-19 pandemic.

ICAO Legal Seminar has established itself as one of the highly valuable and beneficial international seminars at which discussions are carried out in diversified areas of aviation, including laws, safety and security, etc. We are quite certain that ICAO Legal Seminar this year will become a venue through which all the participants will be able to exchange a wide range of knowledge and experiences through presentations and discussions on key legal agendas currently being discussed at ICAO with the presence of the foremost experts in the field of aviation in Korea and overseas.

Furthermore, 2022 is a highly meaningful year as it is the 70th anniversary of the joining of ICAO by the Republic of Korea. The aviation industry of the Republic of Korea had undergone enormous continuous growth since then and is playing a core role in the global aviation industry.

The Republic of Korea, as it has done over the last 70 years, will continue to take initiatives for the advancement of aviation industry. I sincerely hope that this Seminar will offer an opportunity for the entire world to be connected once again by promoting global recovery by reopening all the flight paths that had temporarily been stagnated due to global COVID-19 pandemic.

We would be most grateful for your extensive interest and participation.
Hyeong Ouk NOH
Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Republic of Korea